Weighing in on Whey

Whey protein. Though the thought of it may conjure up images of bodybuilders purchasing 55 gallon drum size containers of the product from their local health food store, the truth of the matter is that many people – not just athletes – can benefit from adding whey protein to their diets.

Whey protein contains all 9 essential amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. Essential amino acids must be obtained from our diets, because our bodies cannot manufacture them. While whey protein is a natural component of dairy milk, there are benefits to taking it in supplement form.

Whey protein helps build muscle tissue and promotes satiety (meaning it makes you feel full, so you will have less hunger and fewer cravings). Whey protein also helps promote loss of body fat, lower blood pressure, control type 2 diabetes, and reduce LDL cholesterol.

My personal favorite whey protein is Simply Tera’s. They have both cow’s milk and goat’s milk whey protein, as well as a lactose free whey protein for those with lactose intolerance. Available flavors are plain, bourbon vanilla, and dark chocolate. The ingredients are simple and the flavored products are sweetened with stevia. I use the cow’s milk protein in both the bourbon vanilla and dark chocolate and find both flavors to be very good, with no undesirable aftertaste.

So how do I use whey protein in my diet? I add it to anything I want to. Typically I will have it mixed in with my breakfast cereal (a grain free mix of nuts and seeds) or in a smoothie. I’ve also added it to my homemade oat pancakes for a good protein boost. Just a note, if you’re not using a blender, Tera’s whey seems to mix more easily into hot liquids than cold. The Simply Tera’s website has a section of recipe ideas, with all sorts of creative ways to add whey protein to your diet.

For the record, all of my product recommendations are of my own free will. I do not have any arrangements with any of the companies whose products I review or recommend. I simply want to provide helpful information to my patients and readers. Thank you for reading!