Product Review: Kerrygold Irish Butter with Olive Oil

As far as I am concerned, Kerrygold has some of the finest butter available in the USA. Unlike many commercial butters, Kerrygold is a golden yellow color (not a pale, off-white), and it has a rich, creamy texture and an incredible butter flavor. Their butter is made from the milk of Irish grass fed cows that spend their days grazing primarily on grass or grass forage from the rolling hills of the Emerald Isle, according to Kerrygold’s FAQs. This diet makes the cow’s milk rich in beta-carotene, a pigment which gives the butter its golden color. Their salted butter has been a staple in my kitchen for many years.

Also found in my kitchen – a quality extra virgin olive oil. EVOO is the least processed form of olive oil and usually has a distinct olive flavor depending on the variety of olives pressed. The flavor can range from mild to intense. I usually choose a milder EVOO so it is more versatile.

Since I use both products regularly in my cooking and sometimes will combine them in dishes, I was intrigued by the thought of finding a butter blended with olive oil – the best of both worlds. Off to the store I went. There I found Kerrygold’s Irish Butter with Olive Oil and decided to try it.

Perfection. I just don’t have another word to describe it. Kerrygold’s Irish Butter with Olive Oil has the same delicious taste and beautiful golden color as their regular butter, but it also has this wonderful, subtle olive oil flavor and a super smooth, creamy, spreadable texture.

Since finding it, I have recommended it to my patients and have been using it myself. My favorite way to enjoy it: on sourdough toast. To me, there is something magical about the combination of the butter and olive oil flavors with the tanginess of the sourdough bread.

Kerrygold makes other butter products as well as several cheeses. All of their products are of the highest quality. I would definitely recommend adding Kerrygold products – especially their butter and olive oil blend – to your kitchen staples.