Product Review: Quaker Instant Protein Oatmeal

Recently, I had the opportunity to try Quaker Instant Protein Oatmeal. It comes in four flavors: banana nut, cranberry almond, maple and brown sugar, and apples and cinnamon. (Please note that this review is for the Instant Protein Oatmeal, NOT the Instant Fiber & Protein Oatmeal.)

Depending on the variety, the protein amount varies from 10-12g, and the carbohydrate amount is approximately 40g.

Usually, if I eat oatmeal, I add whey protein into it. This product, however, has whey protein already added into it. That is why the protein content is higher than you would expect for oatmeal.

I tried the maple and brown sugar variety. I was fairly pleased. It was simple to prepare and tasted good, albeit I found it a little sweet for my liking, and I didn’t love all the added sugar. I wish that Quaker would reduce the amount of added sugar used in this product and use monk fruit to sweeten it like they do with their lower sugar instant oatmeal.

As far as nutrition goes, I found this to be a very satisfying breakfast for an active day. The addition of the whey protein gave the oatmeal more staying power in satisfying my hunger and keeping my energy level strong. I liked it enough that I am thinking about trying the banana nut and the cranberry almond flavors, as well. I won’t try the apples and cinnamon flavor simply because that is not a flavor combination I like to have in my oatmeal.

If you are an oatmeal lover, I would definitely recommend this product over having oatmeal with no protein in it. Why not give this product a try!