Eat from the Produce Rainbow Every Week

As most of us know, fruits and vegetables are very healthy to eat. In addition to providing water, fiber and various vitamins and minerals, produce contains a number of substances called phytonutrients that are quite beneficial to our health. These plant-based substances can support the health of many of our bodies’ systems (cardiovascular, urinary, immune, etc) and protect against diseases like cancer.

The list of phytonutrients below is not exhaustive, but it gives you an idea of what is found in each color of the produce rainbow. Enjoy!

Red: lycopene, as found in tomatoes and watermelon

Orange: beta carotene, as found in carrots and mangos

Yellow: cryptoxanthin and flavonoids, as found in peaches and cantaloupe

Yellow/green: lutein and zeaxanthin, as found in spinach and asparagus

Green: indoles, as found in broccoli and cabbage

Blue/purple: anthocyanin and polyphenols, as found in berries, grapes and plums

White: allyl sulphides, as found in onions and garlic